So, we have moved to an area in Cape Town which has no fibre infrastructure (for now), so what were my options, an uncapped ADSL line from Telkom, which would give me speeds of up to 10mbps and require an additional line rental fee, a total of R629, well that didn’t seem too bad, however after delving deeper, uncapped obviously didn’t really mean what it says, with the 10mbps line you will get 900gb of data per month, quite a lot but with my XBOX one games updating every five minutes, it would soon be reaching zero data, but things start to happen before you reach  the 900gb limit.

This is the fair usage policy below:

  • FUP Level 1 (50% of quota value) – The customer will be throttled to approximately 50% of their product speed for the 2 hours of highest demand daily until rollover.
  • FUP Level 2 (75% of quota value) – The customer will be throttled to approximately 25% of their product speed for the 4 hours of highest demand daily until rollover.
  • FUP Level 3 (100% of quota value) – The customer will be throttled to an 8th of their product speed or 384kbps (whichever is higher) until the following rollover date, except during NightSurfer.

so if I use all 900gb in one week (i have been know to do this) i will be throttled to 1.25mpbs! 10mbps wasn’t fast enough for me so, no thanks.

so after much more thought and another realisation that I would be stuck in a 24 month contract, I decided to go for the promised speed and zero contract of RAIN.

These are my views on the rain service via AFRIHOST

You get supplied with a Huawei b350 router, an pretty little thing with two big bunny ear antennas, a few flashy lights and of course the sim card slot

, so after signing up via Afrihost for a 330gb (yes I know I need more, but it’s temporary) per month and speeds of up to 45mbps, i was all setup and ready to go, the first time you switch it on you have to wait patiently for a cyan light to appear, login, change your SSID and you are ready to go!

Whats going on?

My first speed test were pretty good, not the 45 that was thrown around on the website but a respectable 20-30mbps download and a reasonable 10-18mbps upload, all in all pretty happy with this, time to fire up netflix! This was great, everything was working as it should, decent speed with zero buffering,  this can’t go wrong?

It went wrong!

I came home from a busy day and settled myself into my regular dent in the sofa, fired up Netflix, what did I get? A picture that VHS would be ashamed of and it even had to buffer that, what has happened to my 20mbps?

I found the problem.

After many reboots and adjustments to the router and my setup, and what seemed like hours of google searches, it wasn’t me it was RAIN, RAIN are throttling your line speed between the 6pm and 11pm every bloody day, correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the time when a decent connection is needed, my download speed went from 22mbps at 5.59pm to around 256kbps at 6pm until 11pm, did a 24 hour test on this and the results are posted below:

Download speed

Check out that sharp drop, that’s 6pm and you guessed it, the sharp rise is 11pm.

Should you get RAIN

Although RAIN is a really good option if you don’t have fibre and you don’t want to locked into a huge contract, the throttling is a massive issue for me.

if you are home all day and out all night then it could be a good option for you but for me, I’m just using it as a stop gap until my Fibre is available.

Let me know if you are using RAIN or have any other views on 4G LTE products and services.